Who will provide funds for ARV drugs?

Letters, Normal

THE Health Department and National AIDS Council secretariat (NACS) must come out and tell the people of PNG how they have managed donor funds to combat HIV/AIDS.
The National (Nov 25) revealed that a total of K450 million had been given by donors to fight HIV/AIDS in the last 10 years. 
I believe some of the funds were not appropriately used on prevention, treatment and caring programmes.
For the Global Fund to reject PNG’s latest proposal highlighted inefficiency within the Health Department and NACS.
Many people living with HIV/AIDS are able to continue leading a normal lifestyle thanks to the antiretroviral (ARV) drugs they are taking.
But their lives are now at stake because of the inefficiency and dishonesty of some people from the Health Department and NACS.
The money from Global Funds is used to buy ARV drugs.
But now the source of funds has been cut off, is the Government stepping in to help?
I think not as it cannot even sustain and maintain the health system nationwide in the first place.


Numa Nian
Port Moresby