Wholesale hunting of turtles in PNG

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TURTLE hunting is prevalent in Papua New Guinea, whatever marine conservationists may say.
People need turtle meat for food, and at this time of the year, school fees for their children, so they take to the seas to hunt for this marine delicacy.
Port Moresby resident, David Nalu, witnessed turtle hunting first hand at Abau, Central province, by Mailu fishermen.
“So much for marine conservation – these guys need to put food on the table,” Mr Nalu said.
“I took this shot at Kapari-Viriolo market at Cape Rodney last week.
“One of the turtles was tagged by a Hawaiian marine biologist.
“Turtle hunting is done to cover school fees.”
Mr Nalu said while other villagers respected turtles, it was a different story with the Mailus, who hunted them at will with no thought for conservation of this endangered marine species.
One of the captured turtles had a tag attached by a Hawaiian marine biologist to track the movement of the ancient creature.