Who’s helping the jobless?


What are the real issues and policies that our MPs and political parties should focus on? Similarly, what should the electorates demand from their MPs and political parties?
As a student I am still wondering why the government is not taking note of the growing number of young people who are coming out of the education system and looking for work. Most of these graduates remain in their village communities. They need meaningful employment and income-generating opportunities, rather than leaving them behind to subsist on whatever they can find.
Similarly, those living in the expanding squatter settlements around the cities and towns also need jobs and income-generating opportunities.
Creating jobs and income-generating opportunities should be the focus of every member of parliament and political party. The electorates should pay attention to the strategies and policies of each candidate and political party on job creation and income-generating opportunities.
Promising rural service delivery and cargo in the form of Coca-Cola, four-wheel drive vehicles, banana boats, and roads and bridges that lead to nowhere, will continue to leave most of our people in poverty and destitution. The people of this country deserve better.
It is incumbent on our national leaders to deliver on this expectation, and it is the responsibility of each and every voter to demand the best for themselves from their representatives.
The electorates must demand jobs and income-generating opportunities.
They should refrain from being sold out with cargo.
The electorates cannot have both cargo and jobs. They can only have one, and that should be jobs and income-generating opportunities.
On this note, for those who have made it to Parliament, you have been called upon to serve our nation, and a prosperous and cohesive nation will be a blessing to your electorate.
Thinking creatively about job creation and income-generating opportunities will benefit your voters.
In creating jobs for your electorate you will be strengthening the case for your job as the representative of the people.

Grave Concern
Yarapaki Imma Leme

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