Whose fault is it, Buimo?


Fourteen Buimo prison inmates escaped while going out to an aid post for medical treatment.
Correctional Services blamed a jail that is overcrowded and the lack of manpower.
I disagree.
When you look into this incident, you find that the prisoners managed to escape because of negligence. Inmates don’t escape when there is a guard present with a gun. The commissioner should find out who was on duty, investigate and discipline if there was negligence.
It is becoming normal now to see inmates escaping from Buimo.
The issue of fixing this jail has been a concern for a long time and yet nothing has been done.
If you get a chance to go to Buimo, you will see that the fencing needs to be improved and new buildings need to be built to alleviate the overcrowding issue.
And there must be continuous recruitment of new wardens to fix the manpower issue.
The prison authorities should not only be talking about the problems, they should also be fixing them.

Anton Peter