Whose interest is ABG President Momis serving?

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 1st, 2015

 I WISH to raise my concern as an individual Bougainvillean on whose interest our good President is saving with his affiliation to Poge Ltd on Bougainville.

A quick study into the history of this Filipino company shows various issues of concerned tied to the executives of Poge Ltd, including human rights violation. 

Three years ago, a big Bougainvillean contingent left for Philippines and stayed there for a month under this scheme. 

The matter of who funded the trip is it from by the public purse or by the company itself, remains unknown, let alone the Audit to reveal this. 

Now, upon its establishment in Bougainville with full blessings of the President last year, 2014, there seem to be lot of blatant ignorance of established processes being undertaken by this company. 

First we hear, a ship with 16 000 tonnes of rice being shipped over to Bougainville, without the due approval and clearance from the Customs and the NAQIA officials. Some week ago, a ship loaded with frozen chicken arrived in Bougainville, all again surpassing the Customs and NAQIA officials. 

Whose interest is the President’s affiliation with a private foreign entity serving? 

Simple procedures that must be adhered to are being blatantly ignored. It’s really a cause for concern.  

Bougainvilleans do not need garbage to be fed with. 

Furthermore, the President have to come out clear and tell the people and other genuine contractors on what criteria this company met before being awarded to construct the failed bridges in the West Coast Bougainville, as  raised by West Coast paramount chief and former politician, Gerald Sinato. 

Do they have experiences and capital to undertake projects of such dimensions? 

Was there public tendering done on these projects so other genuine contractors can bid for? 



Port Moresby