Whose interest is Duma really serving?

Letters, Normal

THE United Resource Party (URP) increased its parliamentary membership to 16, making it the second largest political party in the coalition government.
This came about after the defection of five opposition MPs – Francis Awesa (Imbonggu), Chimbu Governor Fr John Garia, Ferao Orimyo (Henganofi), Isaac Joseph (Mendi) and Steven Kama (South Bougainville).
This is good news for URP, as a party, and the government.
This means any moves by the opposition to topple Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare through a vote of no-confidence next month is impossible as it does not have the number.
The government is now in a comfort zone and can go about running the business, including passage of the 2011 budget.
At the URP home-front, however, we learn that party leader William Duma appears to be in disagreement, claiming the five cannot join the party yet.
This is most absurd and unbecoming of a party leader.
He should be the first one to be grand-standing and chest-beating.
There’s only one conclusion – Duma is not interested in serving the URP interest as a political institution.
The party should reprimand him because URP is bigger and larger than any one individual MP.
The recent defections to URP is the beginning of more to come for various reasons but the obvious one is the leadership of SHP Governor Anderson Agiru, who is the party founder and a strong supporter of Sir Michael.
Agiru wants to see the government serve out its term and does not want to see policy shift, which may also affect the PNG LNG project.
Finally, it is logical that the second highest post in government (deputy prime minister) be given to the URP.


Duna Nane