Whose interest is Maladina serving?

Letters, Normal

ANY action taken by the Government or elected representatives must be in the best interest of the society.
The country is caught up in a controversial private Member’s bill sponsored by Esa’ala MP Moses Maladina which aims to amend part of the Constitution which empowers the Ombudsman Commission to perform a check and balance role.
A simple but fundamental question that needs to be explained is; how does PNG and its six million-plus citizens benefit from the proposed amendment?
From an ordinary Papua New Guinean’s viewpoint, the bill is but a calculated move to promote and entrench the interest of a few at the expense of the majority which is mostly illiterate and rural-based.
The justifications offered by Mr Maladina for his bill failed to espouse and capture the essence of public interest.
PNG has suffered from rampant corruption.
Political governance has become a major concern in PNG.
The cost of poor governance in the country has been devastating to a point where commentators on PNG politics have labelled the country a weak and failed state.
The Ombudsman Commission has tried to salvage and hold together a nation that is rapidly degenerating into anarchy by upholding transparency, accountability and good governance.
The commission has prevented unscrupulous and dubious dealings by agents of the State.
If the Maladina bill becomes a law, one of PNG’s bastions of accountability, transparency and good governance will be severely affected.
In this regard, I appeal to my local MPs in Enga to declare their positions on this sensitive matter.


Peter Koe
Port Moresby