WHP ‘group’ creates havoc

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

WESTERN Highlands provincial administrator Malcolm Culligan is not happy with a group of people, claiming to be Governor Paias Wingti’s supporters, interfering and disturbing the administration.
Culligan said the group has been going around removing vehicles from senior public servants in the province.
He said public servants were there to serve the government of the day and not take sides.
He was not happy with the situation, he said.
Culligan said his deputy administrator for cooperative service Jack Karama’s vehicle was taken over the weekend.
The group then tried to take the vehicles that belonged to the traffic registry and  commerce division.
Culligan said a hand­over ceremony would be arranged later.
“I’m not happy with what these people are doing and will report the matter to Governor Wingti so those who are going around doing this must be questioned,” he said.