WHP businesses urged to clean up

Highlands, Normal


BUSINESS houses in Mt Hagen are urged to take responsibility to clear garbage piling in front of their shops.
“Mt Hagen city must become a model city in Western Highlands.
“We must ensure cleanliness and be proud of this,” Berry Maip, managing director of Whisky Fresh Ltd, said.
Mr Maip said the piling up of garbage in front of shopping centres and markets “were not only an eyesore, but a health hazards”.
“You find garbage strewn and piling up everywhere at the new Hagen market.
“How can we be proud of the province’s biggest market?
“Everyone should be responsible for public cleanliness to attract shoppers to boost business activities,” he said.
Mr Maip said if business houses could not clear the garbage, “they would have a mammoth problem”.
“Do not wait for the city authorities to clean up your area and clear the garbage at your door way.
“Let us sometimes use our own initiative to do that,” he said on Tuesday.