WHP clan paid compo

National, Normal

The National, Monday August 5th, 2013

 THE Works Department paid the Kaminga clan of the Moke-Andlamb tribes in Western Highlands K142,000 in land compensation last Thursday.

The claim for payment was lodged with the department last year, which stopped contractor Pangali Construction from carrying out any road extension works.

Landowner Leo Yakumb thanked the department, saying the road work would resume without further disturbance.

He said the people would relocate their markets and trades stores to different sites, allowing for the road works to go ahead.

Yakumb said another claim for K281,000 was made to the provincial government for loss of business.

Works manager Mathew Windi said the department was making payment for the land acquisition while the loss of business claim would be sent to the provincial government.

He urged the landowners to clear the structure on the road so that work can start.