WHP Governor’s Cup champions to play Titans feeder

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THE premiers of the Western Highlands Governor’s Cup rugby league competition will travel to Australia to play against a Gold Coast Titans feeder club.
Gold Coast Titans RFLC executive Bob Birt Jr revealed this during the launching of the Governor’s Cup at the Highlander Hotel in Mt Hagen last week. 
Birt said that they had arranged for the champions to play against a feeder club so that PNG players could improve their rugby league skills.
The visiting NRL club executive said PNG did have a lot of very talented players and they were willing to help developsuch talent giving them more experience at a higher level.
He commended the Western Highlands Governor Tom Olga ,who made a committment to put sports as part of his vision in development. 
Olga praised the delegates from Australia who witnessed the launching and announced the good news to rugby league fans and players in the province.
“I thank Mr Birt for offering to help us develop our rugby league players and  this will give everyone great motivation.”
Olga said that this was his vision to develop the human resource in the province through the sports.
The provincial government had already given a K100,000 to the competition so to foster more interest in sports and positively influence the youth.
He said WHP had a lot of talented players and there needed to be a way to expose this talents, and Birt had provided the opportunity for the players to strive to be in the team to go to Australia and play against higher level opposition.
The competition chairman, Nikints Tiptip, thanked Birt for his surprise announcement saying it provided a huge boost for the players to give their best during the competition. 
Tiptip said the good news would encourage rugby league players to improve their skills and fitness levels in order for them to perform at their best.
He also called upon the teams to play well and concentrate on improving their games. He thanked Governor Olga and the provincial government’s business arm the Western Highlands Development Corporation (WHDC) for making funds available for the competition.