WHP schoolboys’ rugby league to start

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THE schoolboys’ rugby league competition in the Western Highlands is expected to start in the second term of the yearly school calendar.
For a start six primary schools and eight secondary schools in the province will be competing in the competition.
Western Highlands provincial education board has approved for the junior league programmes to be introduced in schools.
The education authority gave their approval after PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) Highlands region development officer Joe Tokam had written to the board in 2008 outlining the development programme for schools in the province.
Tokam said during a meeting involving all school principals last Thursday in Mt Hagen chaired by Hagen Park Secondary School principal John Mamb, those who attended, were happy to revive rugby league in schools.
He said the students would go through medical checks and when cleared, they would be issued with parents’ consent forms for their parents to give approval before playing rugby league.
Tokam said the programme was expected to expand to other districts in the future.
He said that PNGRFL had decided to introduce rugby league in schools to ensure the skills of the game were imparted to the students at an early age.
He added that by allowing them to play at an early age, the students would discipline themselves and become better players in the future.
Western Highlands is among Rabaul, Lae, Goroka and Port Moresby who are reviving the code in schools.