WHP teachers want new TSA executives

National, Normal

The National, Monday, June 6th 2011

TEACHERS in Western Highlands have called for a quick election for new national executives of the Papua New Guinea Teachers Association.
They said if that was not possible the association should be dissolved.
More than 300 teachers last Friday attended the first annual general meeting in three years organised by the association branch president in Mt Hagen.
The teachers said their association was ineffective and did not serve the interest of teachers.
The teachers said they were just wasting their money contributing to the association every fortnight.
The teachers said they would join other unions which were very active.
The financial members called on national president Tommy Hecko and his executives to give them their financial report.
They claimed under the management they had not received any financial report and they would seek support from other branches to dissolve their association.
They claimed the seven-year term of the executives expired last year.
A frustrated financial member, Alfred Mek, said during the annual general meeting, their national executives like Hecko, national management committee John Mondo and their regional secretary Peter Wama must listen to the problems of the teachers.
Mek said teachers had many issues like wage increase, housing allowances and others to talk over but the executives were never around.