WHP traffic cops get tough

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The National, Wednesday, June 8th 2011

MOTORISTS in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, will be slapped with a K500 spot fine for each traffic offence caught or may end up in prison.
The previous fine had been K100, but motorists took them lightly and committed them again.
Western Highlands police are now taking a tough stand against traffic rule breakers by setting up road blocks in different locations, and the new fine will deter motorists from committing traffic offences.
Officer in charge of the Traffic Division, Senior Insp Nelson Gihigupa, said the road blocks, which were effective since last week, were being set up as a result of a significant increase in traffic this year.
He said the increase of motor vehicles, which was partly due the developments taking place in the region, had so far caused many problems.
He said there were many unregistered vehicles operating, road accidents had also become frequent, and police were trying to ensure that motorists abide by set rules.
He partly blamed the road accidents on driving licences being issued without officers following proper licence issuing procedures.
He added that because of the road blocks, motorists were now cautious and were abiding by traffic laws, which was also a positive sign.
Gihigupa said police were setting up road blocks at different locations and time intervals to catch motorists unaware.
He said this new tactic, which would continue for an indefinite period, had seen police book up to 200 cars in a day for committing traffic offences.
The road blocks are being carried out by the police traffic division, and the provincial government’s traffic registry unit.
The traffic registry staff, recently underwent a one month inspector’s course.
They have yet to be gazetted in order to perform their roles as well as conduct road blocks without police assistance.