WHP youths quit drugs

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The National, Friday 27th January 2012

MORE than 100 youths in the Mul-Biayer electorate of Western Highlands province have given up smoking marijuana and have formed a group to carry out anti-drug awareness.
The group aims to make sure youths involved in such activities turn around and change for the better.
Team leader Peter Mel said marijuana was the cause of all social problems people faced today.
He said they were carrying out the awareness and the result was that people had stopped growing and smoking marijuana in the electorate.
Mel said many youths, especially males, did what they wanted when high on marijuana.
He said drug addicts would kill, rape, steal and fight without fear.
He said they decided to form the group to carry out awareness targeting that particular group.  
Mel said tough measures needed to be taken.
He said it needed support from everyone to help and educate youths to give up their drug habits.
If nothing was done to change them “law and order and other social problems will not come to an end”.
He said marijuana use led to problems and the only way to stop it from affecting the young people was to carry out greater awareness on its dangers.
He said everyone must support such groups taking the lead in the fight against marijuana.
Mel said when youths were high they often were involved in unsafe sex which could lead to an increasing number of HIV/AIDS cases.
He said politicians, business people and ordinary citizens must all come together to work to change this nation.
Mel said his group would hand over to police anyone it found smoking or planting marijuana.