Why are leaders visiting Kapris?

Letters, Normal

THE people of PNG know that William Kapris is an alleged bank robber and a felon.
Yet current and former senior office holders like Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat, former police commissioner Peter Aigilo and acting CS Commissioner Henry Wavik have thrown caution into the wind by visiting Kapris.
Even Police Commissioner Gari Baki tried to see the prisoner.
This has caused many people to believe something highly suspicious is going on behind the scene.
What do these “big boys” want from Kapris?
They should tell the people of PNG the purpose of their visit.
They have seen it fit to breach protocol and bypassing those in authority.
This shows that they have little or no respect for the laws of this nation.
Their actions have undermined the hard work of those involved in the recapturing of PNG’s most wanted man and other escapees.
No one is above the law.
So those who visited and are planning to visit Kapris without following proper procedures should also be questioned by the police.
Why they are so keen to be associated with an alleged bank robber?
No one in his or her right mind would want to associate with Kapris unless there is a hidden agenda.

Kotiufa sniper