Why close your S’pore office, PX?

Letters, Normal

I READ in the two dailies that Air Niugini management has closed its office in Singapore and appointed a general sales agent (GSA) who will be responsible for both passenger and cargo sales.
I believe the closure and appointment of a GSA is not in the best interest of the company, the country and the travelling public.
I believe this was done in the interest of a few misguided souls.
Can the Air Niugini management and board members who made the decision answer the following questions?
1. Why do they have to close the Singapore office when Singapore is the hub of aviation in the region and where passengers to Europe, Middle East, Asia, etc, transit? We need our own office to ensure a smooth and hassle-free movement.
2. Why close the Singapore office when it has been making profits all these years in terms of passenger sales? Cargo sales have been the responsibility of cargo agents within Singapore and they remit money to PX.
3. Why close the Singapore office when the economy is booming with an influx of people travelling to and from PNG via Singapore?
4. Being a public company, Air Niugini management and board have yet to give a reason for the Singapore business closure. Can the reasons for closing Air Niugini’s Singapore office be published in the dailies as well?
From inside sources, the move to close Air Niugini Singapore office was not due to economic reasons, but because of special interests groups.
I understand the GSA appointed, Deks Air, is already an agent for 12 airlines such as Pacific Air, Vietnam Airlines, Turkish Airlines, etc.
The GSA’s hands are already full as it is without Air Niugini.
Where will its loyalty be when it comes to selling Air Niugini tickets?
For instance, if someone wants to travel to Fiji via Port Moresby, he may purchase an Air Pacific ticket but travel on Air Niugini to Fiji.
When this happens, Air Niugini will have to share the money with Air Pacific and the GSA instead of PX banking the money itself.
I call on the Ombudsman Commission to conduct a thorough investigation into the closure of the Air Niugini office in Singapore and the appointment of the GSA.
I, for one, believe that should an overseas Air Niugini office be closed and transferred to an agent, it has to be Japan and not Singapore.
Wouldn’t it be nice to see an Air Niugini office in a busy hub with employees in Air Niugini uniform rather than some unknown representatives?
Over to you, Mr Ombudsman.– Onetime insider Port Moresby