Why delay in pay?


WHAT has been causing all the delays pertaining to public servants pays?
Since this Government took office, public servants around the country have faced pay delays.
Teachers, especially those who travel in from remote areas with their families to town, are affected when they find out that their salaries have been delayed.
Those in urban centres are also affected.
Their budgets exploited and expanded not because of their doing but because the system is making a mockery out of their sacrifices.
The Education Department, Teaching Service Commission and the Government should explain what’s affecting teachers’ salaries.
Effectively communicate with teachers using the available communication platforms on when they would be paid; on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
Can the PNGTA president clarify this bizarre case affecting teachers numerous times this year?
The same happened last fortnight and again this pay day.
He made a statement in the media to take PNGTA back to its glorious days 15 years ago.



  • Clearly shows that our government is broke and needs to find money elsewhere to mitigate these shortages. Not really good, thought!

  • If there will delay in pay, the concerned authorities must inform commercial banks like BSP not to charge default fees on loans.

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