Why I chose to be vaccinated

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With most of the 132,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine not used, and the expiry date looming, health authorities want everyone who can receive the vaccine to be vaccinated. Priority was initially given to the health workers, essential workers and those above 45 and with comorbidities. But now, vaccination is open to the public in Port Moresby. They can walk into Rita Flynn to get the jab.
On Tuesday and yesterday, The National’s LULU MARK caught up with a few people who went to Rita Flynn to receive their first dose. They shared their thoughts about the Covid-19 vaccine and why they chose to get vaccinated.

At first, I felt like I didn’tneed to get the vaccine.But as a young man, I need a job.I had a job interview on Tuesday and I was offered the job. If I get the vaccine,I can start work immediately.So I came to get the vaccine without any delay. If I was not for the job, I wouldn’t have bothered.

I wanted to see the vaccination roll-out programme by the Government which is sayin gmore people need to getvaccinated. I thought I should just get it. What pushed me also was the emergence of the variants. I am getting the vaccine to protect myself andnot to infect others.

LANG CANISIUS: I wanted to get the vaccine and was waiting for it to be available to the public. We all should get vaccinated because it is the only way to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. I work in the aviation industry, hence, I could be required to travel and confirmation of vaccination would be needed.

I decided that it was important to get the vaccine. At first, I didn’t want to because it was only for medical workers. Then I was told that people were not coming to get the vaccine and that it would go to waste. So I decided to come so that the vaccines donated to us are used.

I was looking forward to getting the vaccine. I had organised a team to conduct awareness at my workplace to help my colleagues understand the importance of getting the vaccine. The important thing is to be protected. Social media information is confusing everyone. I think there is not enough awareness and the health authorities need to do more.

I refused at first when I was given the opportunity to get the vaccine. I believe the pandemic is real, but it was just the uncertainty around the information released to the public here and overseas that I didn’t want to take it. I have a lot of nephews and nieces. I was thinking that I might be a risk to them if I don’t get the vaccine. It’s not just about me. Protecting others as well is what changed my mind.

I didn’t want to get the vaccine because of bad things I heard from other people and on social media. The company I work with said if I didn’t get the vaccine, I would not work there. I am one of the last people to got it. Life in the city is hard and I need a job, hence, I need to get the vaccine to continue working.

Because of all the negative things said about the Covid-19 vaccination, I had to think carefully about my health and making sure I am safe. I don’t want to get the virus. It’s good to get the vaccine so I do not get the virus and spreading it to people at the workplace and home.

I still have doubts about the vaccine. But because the organisation I work with had urged everyone to take it, I decided to get it too. I also spoke to my parents about it and they encouraged me to take the vaccine just to be on the safe side.

I was nervous about getting the vaccine due to the information on social media and overseas news outlets about side-effects such as blood clots. But the Covid-19 is here to stay. People should get the vaccine despite what is being said because it will protect us. I work with the people in the highlands so it is important to get the jab to protect myself and others.

I had doubts about the vaccine and did not want to get it. I was not sure about the advantages and disadvantages of the vaccine. But if I don’t get it, I will lose my job. Life in the city is hard. How will I get food and survive in the city? So I decided to get the jab. If it is good or bad, I leave it in God’s hands.

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