Why is govt scared to recall parlt?

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 17, 2010

I DO not understand why our ministers are unhappy with the judiciary.
First of all, the legislators failed to follow due process in electing the governor-general.
What is wrong with the judiciary correcting their mistake and calling them to return to parliament to elect a new governor-general?
Why are the ministers and government MPs so worried about going back to parliament?
Is it because they are worried about the vote of no-confidence?
I find it funny that the government, which claims it has the numbers, is fearful of recalling parliament to elect a new governor-general within 40 days.
If the NA-led government is confident its coalition partners are with it, why it is scared to prove to Papua New Guineans once and for all that it is solid and intact?
The NA ministers and MPs should not be acting so childishly and throwing tantrums at the judiciary just because they did not get the desired judgment.
I salute the judiciary for doing the right thing and it is the arm that could ultimately save this great nation of ours.
Justice has been served.
It is also difficult to understand why the so-called senior ministers are blaming the judiciary.
Instead of accepting their mistake and moving forward, they are acting as if they are out to deliberately weaken the judiciary.
It is time to take a breather and let some common sense prevail.
They should put their emotions aside and look at the bigger picture.
What is the point in trying to prove who is more powerful?
I do not think the judiciary is interested in this kind of debate as our learned judges are simply honouring their duties and responsibilities.
They should learn to accept the decision like Sir Paulias Matane, the man in the centre of the controversy.