Why is Parkop so keen on W. Papua?

Letters, Normal

FROM the outset, NCD Governor Powes Parkop should understand that he is no longer a human rights lawyer to talk about West Papua issue as he used to do.
Now he is the governor of the nation’s capital city where Papua New Guineans voted him into office, his words and actions are akin to that of the prime minister of Papua New Guinea.
He ought to think and act like a leader of this country.
His comments about the West Papua issue is something that is likely to pose a threat to the security of our sovereignty.
We have had more than enough of internal problems that are currently threatening the security of PNG’s sovereignty.
The good governor should humble himself by assisting the National Government to solve the many socio-economic problems that are faced by ordinary Papua New Guineans on a daily basis.
We salute him for cleaning and beautifying the nation’s capital city.
Now, he must apply similar strategies to clean and beautify Papua New Guinea from corruption, poverty, prison escapes, influx of illegals, skyrocketing prices of goods and services, deteriorating infrastructures, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, cholera, housing problems for public servants, rural to urban drift, etc.
The West Papua issue is a problem that is not within the prerogative of Mr Parkop or any other person in PNG to amicably solve, let alone effectively deal with it.
Therefore, I suggest that the good governor should refrain from making any outrageous comments that would tarnish our bilateral relations with Indonesia.
Furthermore, Mr Parkop should not talk globally; rather he should talk and act locally on the issues affecting our nation.
I urge him not to stick his nose into the affairs of another country.
The West Papua issue is an internal affair for the Indonesian government to handle.
If and when that issue gets out of Indonesia’s capacity to handle internally, there are established international bodies like the United Nations which can negotiate with the Indonesian government to find an amicable solution to the problem.


West Kange
Port Moresby