Why no response?


THIS is to the National Capital District Governor and his hierarchy at the National Capital District Commission.
Christmas is a time to relax for a few days then back to work.
There have been continuous firecrackers fired by the street boys, some as young as 7, 8, 9 years old during the Christmas period.
Rang the police operations on 1800-1000 but no one showed up.
Again, continuous drinking in the streets – up to 10 plus strong-in groups.
Rang 1800 100, no one showed up. Stray dogs barking all night till the morning. No!
Rubbish ripped apart by dogs all over the streets.
When can someone listen to the grassroots?
Elections too far away – we will see who reigns shortly!
The people do have power – no need for bribes and corruption anymore.
All we need are the services which are non-existent.

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