Why rush to deactivate SIM cards?


WHY is there a rush to deactivate unregistered Digicel SIM cards?
Does National Information Communication Technology Authority (Nicta) know that majority of our people who live in rural areas.
Why is Nicta depriving the people’s right to own a mobile phone?
People in remote areas use Digicel for communication.
People’s rights are being deprived as though we are a communist country.
A lot of people think Nicta employees are sleeping too much, and don’t know their duties and responsibilities.
Has Nicta done anything to block internet users for watching porn?
It is a shame that Nicta is penalising our own people for owning mobile phones.

Say Kongs, Wabag

One thought on “Why rush to deactivate SIM cards?

  • Say Kong—You are 100% correct.
    However, this is bigger than what it seems to have been happening. Something/Someone Bigger than NICTA or even PNG is actually funding this. Its way up the ladder. In the name of Sustainable Development PNG had OPEN a GATE-WAY to HELL when we invited World Leaders in for APEC SUMMIT.

    The terms and conditions PNG has AGREED on with CHINA, USA & AUSTRALIA is just beyond what PNG can meet. Thus PNG is subdue to be obedient to anything THEY have to say!!!

    Current loan obtained from IMF-ie “the Loan with 0% Interest” is one amongst many!!!!

    Here is how: Apec reveals the weakness of PNG-China grabbed PNG to build CAPITALISM whilst USA lured PNG into MASSIVE BORROWING, thus PNG is CURRENTLY undergoing Economic Recession-IS TOO LATE & TOO BAD NOW.
    IMF is a subsidiary arm of World Bank Group . WBG is directly spearheading any country’s RESERVE. PNK Kina against USD is dropping at at alarming rate. Now what you don’t know is the Evil Organization who runs the ENTIRE SHOW!!! Its UN. Yes UN IS EVIL. IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

    UN’s agenda is TO CONNECT THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULUS WITH 4G. That is to say “allow for easy access to all the info…NO PERSON WILL BE HIDING ANYMORE. That is my dear the UN’s Long Term Agenda 2030!!!

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