Why so expensive?


THIS is to inform people in general that the commercial shops in the township of Alotau, Milne Bay, charge far way too much for basic items of consumption.
Shop owners seem to change prices of basic goods like rice and tin fish and sugar every fortnight and every month.
The price for soy beans for example was K2.50 about a year ago, now it has increased to K7.50 for a packet.
Other hardware items like metal head for slashers is charged K100 compared to the same item been charged only K30 in Kokopo.
Shop owners ripping off the people of Milne Bay.
Can the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Alotau and the Consumer Commission make some investigations on this and clamp down on this matter with the commercial shops in Alotau?
They have made millions from the people and continue to do so by increasing the prices without authority from the Consumer Price Commission.
This requires urgent attention by the rightful authorities.

Concerned Citizen of
Milne Bay

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