Why the need to praise MPs for delivering services?

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 MPS are supposed to make policies, write laws,  develop visions and so forth to  make   sure  the  country  progresses in the right direction. 

MPs  are  supposed  to make sure that policies and development strategies are implemented  and systems are functioning, visions are achieved and so on. 

MPs  should  be  praised  for  the  laws and policies they write or sponsor. 

MPs should be praised for the visions and development  strategies  they  design  and successfully implement. 

MPs should not be praised for delivering basic  services as the people deserve the right to basic services. 

It  is  their  money  and  there  should  be  a budget for basic services all year round. 

It is very sad that Papua New Guineans still think, act  and  talk  like  our  ancestors  who  had never  been  to school or  never been  exposed  to the outside world. 

Please, stop praising MPs for delivering services  when we know that the money they use is not from their own pockets. 

Instead, ask your local MP what his/her plans  are  to solve  the   high  unemployment   rate, the increasing law and order problems, the high cost of living, housing problems, the high energy cost, food security, etc. 

MPs  should be concentrating on such bigger development issues and challenges. 

The role of MPs is to make sure that every system  of  the government works properly so that  basic  services  reach  the  people as outlined in visions and development strategies. 

MPs are supposed to provide direction, and mentor and advise public servants in implementing policies and strategies. 

Let  service  delivery  be  the  job  of public servants. 

If  MPs  are  involved  in  service  delivery, then something is seriously not right in the country.

I  hope  their intention is not to take a share out of public funds. 

Do  not make politics in PNG that cheap, useless, meaningless and senseless. 

By  now, basic  services  should  have  reached the masses of the population after 38 years of independence as it is not rocket science. 



Lucas Kiap, Via email