WIB’s expo delegates find markets

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FOUR Papua New Guinean businesswomen who attended the 2010 Shanghai expo in China last week have found potential outlets for their respective products.
Kuni-Mekeo ward councillor Elizabeth Gonoua, a rubber farmer in Central, has found a product developer who could help her and the rest of rubber farmers in the country.
However, Gonoua said yesterday nothing had been formalised yet.
She met the unnamed Chinese rubber expert with help from Janet Sape, president of PNG Women in Business (WIB).
Gonoua said she was thankful that at least she made some contacts which would make her people see what she was doing and thus, support her in getting their rubber produce out into the world market.
Julie Kenni, the local tourism operator from East Sepik and also a rubber farmer, also reported that contacts had been made.
Another WIB member, tailor Sophie Kauba, said she was still looking for a partner in her garment-making business who could help in securing raw materials.
Kauba said she was impressed by the Chinese’s attitude of being time-conscious, of which she saw as a challenge.
She said she would bring home “this unique Chinese attitude” to improve productivity in her business.
Kauba also made contact with people who could help her acquire embroidery machines to enable her to produce more attractive designs.
The WIB women expressed gratitude to Sape for hosting the expo in Lae, which later brought them to Shanghai.
They also thanked the government, through Minister for Commerce and Industry Gabriel Kapris, for recognising the struggle of women in PNG and assisting them to set up a women’s organisation.
The expo delegates had called on all the women in PNG to access WIB services for help in establishing themselves as entrepreneurs.