WIB award lifted my profile, says 2010 winner

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The National – Wednesday, June 15, 2011

THE Westpac Women in Business (WIB) Award has provi­ded good opportunities for PNG women by assisting them through its programme in achie­ving their dreams in life.
Last year’s winner Maxine Anjiga Arua, under the Trukai community responsibility award, said the award had boosted her morale and increased her network.
“I am meeting people who are willing to support my work.
“It feels like the award is my stepping stone to bigger things,” Arua said.
She is the executive director of PNG Centre for Locally Managed Areas Inc and she said that the Westpac initiative had not only helped her personally but professionally as well in lifting the profile of her organisation.
Prior to her current job, Arua worked to support abused women and children and later training NGO managers.
Arua came to know about the award as she was the bank’s customer and frequented the Boroko branch to do banking for her organisation.
She was then encouraged by the workers there and her husband to enter the competition.
From the K10,000 prize she won, Arua gave to the disadvantaged children at the Tembari Children’s care centre.
She said that before the competition, Westpac orga­nised different activities for the entrants and she realised that there were many other women like her.
“I met great women who shared their own stories and we laughed and cried together.
“I forgot that I was in a
competition until it was announced that I had won in my category,” Arua said.
She thanked Westpac for the opportunity and said the competition was not only for business women but for other hard working women who had a big heart for their community.