Wife-basher to stand trial

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A WIFE-BASHER from Gembogl, Simbu province has been committed to stand trial on a charge of attempted murder, a Waigani committal court ruled yesterday.
Phillip Merimba, 31, a father of two, was charged with attempted murder.
Merimba attacked his wife with a rock and knife in the Granville Motel 6-Mile compound last June.
The assault occurred after a frustrated Merimba claimed his wife had abandoned their two children, leaving him to care for them for two days.
Magistrate Sinclair Gora informed the court in his ruling there was not sufficient police evidence to suggest that Merimba had the intent to murder his wife during the assault.
However, the court was informed that the manner in which Merimba had treated the situation after the assault suggested “no concern” as the situation was “life threatening” but he did not seem to care, showing there was intent to murder.
Magistrate Gora said Merimba had left his wife unconscious.
Merimba  will stand trial in the National Court on March 1.