Wife caught with drugs for hubby at Bomana jail

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The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


A WOMAN from Daru was referred to the Boroko police by Correctional Services officers for allegedly smuggling about 200grams of marijuana into the Bomana prison. 

The incident took place around 2pm according to duty officer Sgt Major Jeffery Pavoja.

Pavoja said the woman had gone to the prison to visit her husband where the incident occurred.

It was alleged that the women had both rolled and unrolled drugs in a cigarette packet she allegedly smuggled into the prison.

He said she had passed the normal check-point and was awaiting further checks when the cannabis rolled out of her possession without her realising it.

She was allegedly waiting to see her husband when a duty officer noticed what she dropped and questioned her.

Pavoja said she was then brought to his office for questioning where she denied being responsible for the drugs.

He said they then informed her husband of the situation before taking her to the Boroko police station to be charged accordingly.

He highlighted that CS was stepping up measures to eradicate such practices among many other common smuggling that were occurring.

He said there were mobile phones, flex cards and chargers coming into the jail and officers were often accused of supplying them but denied that they were operating a smuggling ring.