Wife chopped to death

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A MAN hacked his wife to death in Chimbu at the weekend as details surfaced yesterday that the 35th Independence Day anniversary celebrations in the Highlands pro-vinces were not as peaceful as what police made them out to be.
In Enga, a senior public servant is still on the run last night after his son was found dead at the back of their house.
Police, in the meantime, claimed that the consumption of homebrew and marijuana contributed to the increase in law and order problems along the Western Highlands Chimbu provincial boundary troubled spots.
In Kompiam, Enga, three people have been arrested for the killing of senior teacher James Mond and police are  hunting for another seven suspects.
Detailing the Chimbu killing yesterday, police said the man, a known marijuana user, would be rounded up and questioned about his wife’s body which was chopped up.
The killing happened last Saturday at the husband’s Wenaga village at Kerowagi.
Chimbu police commander Supt Joseph Tondop described it as a “cold-blooded murder”. He named the dead woman as Ulana Garai, 48, of Narku tribe in Kundiawa district.
Tondop said the husband and wife had separated for a while because of the husband’s drug problems but reunited with her and their eight children recently.
Last Saturday, Garai decided to visit her Kugame village but was attacked and chopped to death.
The husband, Garai Pius, was arrested the next day and charged with wilful murder.
Meanwhile, Enga police chief Supt Martin Lakari said a father was the prime suspect in eldest son’s death at Teremanda village in Wabag district.
Lakari said that four other family members were also wanted in relation to the death which followed the cutting down of some banana trees.
He said that the suspected killers had used axes, sticks and metal objects in the attack.
Lakari said that the body was released to the relatives on Saturday for burial after doctors conducted the postmortem.
Youth leader John Kawage, who lives close to where the killing happened, said that the consumption of marijuana and homebrew in his Kunabau area was going from bad to worse.
He said these contrabands were now sold openly at the local markets, like any other garden produce.
Kawage said this illegal business was booming and contributing to the escalating law and order problems in the area.
In Chimbu, provincial police commander Supt Joseph Tondop said that marijuana-induced activities were getting out of hand on the Chimbu-Western Highlands boundary.
He said that the Mindima section of the highway between Kundiawa and Kuglbal were problem areas.
Tondop said despite many attempts by police to reduce the problem, leaders were not cooperating with the police.
He said that he was planning another major awareness on drugs which would be carried out soon.