Wife lodges ‘assault’ complaint

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The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

A woman was beaten up badly allegedly by her lawyer husband, a senior manager with Mineral Resources Development Corporation, on Saturday.
Fiona Reinhardt sought refuge at the nearby Wellness Lodge in East Boroko, owned by her former husband and politician Jamie Maxtone-Graham, after being allegedly beaten by Clifford Kasi, who is general manager of investments with MRDC.
She was too distraught to speak with The National yesterday but a complaint has already been lodged with Boroko police together with a medical report.
Reinhardt suffered injuries to the head and one of her ears.
Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi said police would act on the complaint although he had yet to see the report. He said that he had been told about the alleged incident.
“The complainants have called me and I have told them to register it. They have to register complaints and we will interview the witnesses and arrest the suspect,” Turi said.
Maxtone-Graham said the sons he had with Reihardt were all grown up and he had to stop them from taking the law into their own hands when they found out that their mother had been badly beaten.
He was alerted of the assault by one of his sons who said his mother had been beaten up and was in hospital.
He said she ran to Wellness Lodge at 4am on Saturday after being allegedly attacked by Kasi at their nearby home in the presence of her two-year-old daughter and babysitter. He said such incidents were becoming common.
“It’s not a laughing matter, it’s a serious matter,” Maxtone-Graham said.
“We’ve seen all this gun violence and beating up of women – which is becoming all too common. I can say in this case that she’s been very lucky. We are waiting for police to investigate.”