Wigmen upset PRK Muruks

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013


HELA Wigmen registered an upsetting win over home ground rivals PRK Mendi Muruks 30-24 at the Joe Keviame Oval yesterday.

Muruks and Wigmen share the same venue.

Just minutes after the kick off by the Muruks, Wigmen prop Jerry Tapara made a deep run into the Muruks territory gaining 20 meters.

Five-eight Kewa Kili jolted through the Muruks defence to set up a try which was not converted by half-back Chirs Lai.

The Muruks struck back in the 16th minute when dummy-half Joshua Molsie ran amok the Hela territory which resulted in a try. Muruks missed the conversion kick and score stood 4-4.

The Wigmen  retaliated and executed a well planned ball work that reulted in a successful converted try by half-back Chris Lai which brought the score to 10-4.

A fair game was played in the first half, where both took turns in scoring points leading to the halftime where the score stood at 14-14.

Former Muruks power house Joseph Omae scored a point after six minutes into the second half making the Wigmen to lead the race to 20-14.

The Kemele Wigmen proved to Southern Highlanders that Mendi was their home ground and fought fiercely to score two more tries.