Wii: Use Bible to develop human resources

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The National, Mondy 14th November 2011

HUMAN resources can be developed through the word of God, says the member of the Jiwaka region working committee William Wii.
He told a gathering at Dumbola outside Banz, Jiwaka, Western Highlands, during the launching of the International Love and Unity Ministry that using the word of God was one way to develop human resources.
“To develop Jiwaka is to develop its human resources and it can be done through teaching the word of God.
“Raising God-fearing citizens by teaching the word is a new idea in Jiwaka and in PNG.”
Father Raphael Mel said people should share and use their God-given talents to fight poverty and other social problems.
“We can show and share with others the talents and gifts that God placed on us individually to create a corrupt-free and God-fearing society,” he said.
 He said accepting the word of God and sharing it with others could make a big difference in the lives of people.
Fr Raphael said pastors and Christians should play their part in encouraging people to accept the word of God and be the agents of change for Jiwaka.
The ministry is an interdenominational organisation that has worked for the past five years in improving interaction and promoting spiritual renewal within churches in Jiwaka.
Its vision is to promote and sustain unity among churches, ministries and communities through fostering and nurturing healthy relationship based on the love of God.