Will new year bring new hope?

Letters, Normal

WE are coming to the end of another year and will welcome the new decade in a few days.
While some may expect new and better things in the new year, the majority of the people expect the “overflowing lip services”, political rhetoric and grandstanding and massive wastage of public funds to continue.
The problems and suffering experienced by the majority of our people are more pronounced.
This year, we have had many economic, social and political problems in the midst of many “good” things that happened as proclaimed by the Government.
It says the country is on the verge of experiencing a new and unprecedented economic growth as a result of the LNG project and the social problems that we experience would be addressed constructively when we collect more money from the project.
However, whether that will be achieved remains to be seen.
But based on the Government’s poor track record in management and governance, many believe that is a pipedream.
Our media, both print and electronic, have been carrying reports and pictures of people in the rural areas struggling to make a living because no basic government services reach them.
The media has conveyed to the Government almost on a daily basis that the people, both in the urban and rural areas, need services.
Can 2010 be the year the Government takes stock of what needs to be done and address the social and economic problems facing the people?
Can 2010 be the year the Government really serves the people?
Can 2010 be the year the Government wakes up and see the plight of the people?
Can 2010 be the year the Government changes its way of governance and comply with the laws, processes and procedures to get things done?
Can 2010 be the year the Government shows that it is responsible, caring and, above all, a Government that respects the Constitution and laws?
It is the Government that can make the new year good or bad for the people.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop has set the precedent and I hope the other 108 MPs will look and learn. -Wotekep Kangtekep Port Moresby