How will rural communities benefit?


I have seen over the last several weeks, adulations about climate funds being provided for climate change mitigations to PNG and other developing countries in the Pacific.
These funds are being accessed through the Asian Development Bank by the Climate Change and Development Authority. The huge applause towards this fund is so unreal for many of us.
We find it hard to understand how rural communities who own forest resources will benefit from this fund.  Anybody who understands the development aspirations of forest resource owners and rural people will acknowledge that people must benefit.
These funds must benefit the forest resource owners and rural people, otherwise, everybody is just wasting time talking about conserving the forests and climate change issues. For those of us in the rural areas, we don’t have a clue about how we are going to access these funds, so that we are motivated to conserve our forests.
As far as we the forest resource owners are concerned, we will continue to log our forests to purchase the basic needs of our communities, unless we are shown how we can access these funds.
Everybody who is talking about these funds must understand that forests don’t grow in big cities such as Port Moresby, Sydney or Paris.
It is pointless talking about forests and climate change issues in big cities.
I think that we are being brainwashed by the developed Western countries into preserving our forests.
This is while they happily enjoy the blessings of development by themselves and do little to mitigate climate change. We suffer the consequences of underdevelopment and their sins of environmental pollutions
Thank you for allowing me to present my piece on this very important topic.

Dominic Eiso
Siwai, South Bougainville

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