William Kapris ‘not evidence’

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THE video tape propelling William Kapris Nanua to fame will not be accepted in court as evidence but his finger print will be.
On Monday lawyer David Dotaona made submissions objecting to the admissibility of the video tape on the grounds that it was obtained unfairly and involuntarily.
Dotaona submitted that it was fair to his client that the two detectives (named) with the intention to tape Kapris confession on cassette, ended up filming him during an “informal chat”.
Dotaona stressed that detectives in fact lied to him when the media ran front page stories on the footage; that there was no caution accorded him before the taping and that the camera itself was smuggled into the maximum security unit (MSU) without warders’ knowledge.
According to witness, senior Sgt Detective Robert Volo and Kapris’ own oral evidence given on Monday Justice David Cannings said there were number of improprieties surrounding the filming and distribution of the footage.
“The interview was conducted in secret without the knowledge of the CS which is most irregular that he (Kapris) was given false promises to which he made the footage; that there was no evidence to contradict the accused evidence as to the condition he was in; that no caution was administered; it was unclear that he was told his rights, there is disagreement as to whose idea was (the film); and whether it was a question and answer format or if he was just telling a story.”
“Therefore the footage shall not be admitted into evidence,” he said.
However, Madang based finger printer, state witness, Chief Sgt Uluman Anlu tendered before court a copy of a single fingerprint belonging to Kapris found in the vehicle, a dark green 10-seater Landcruiser used during the robbery.
The hearing continues tomorrow morning.