Wind of change is coming


THE winds of change have finally enunciated and is gradually gaining momentum, slowly attracting wider support from across Papua New Guinea.
The decaying systems will be strewn to life and mandated managers occupying seats of State owned enterprises and departmental heads will now sing and dance to the beat of the new choir master.
The onus is now on the Government of the day to ensure all checks and balances are given a major shake-up and refreshed, so all the systems are being coordinated and performing to meet expected results.
It is a sigh of relief with the announcements by Prime Minister James Marape on the Independent Commission Against Corruption bill, introduction of Whistleblowers Act and giving more teeth to the Public Accounts Committee so that we have effective checks and balances that are workable.
He is the youngest Prime Minister to lead this nation as the CEO and it is timely for the young generation, within all walks, to stand unified in providing sound economic policy advice to help guide this great nation to achieve its vision.
I have had an opportunity to work alongside some young professionals and have seen them elevated within their respective state organisations they serve over the years.
They are tireless workers, stick by rules and high profile colleagues who leave no stones unturned and have built their reputation firmly on bricks with sound educational qualification.
I personally recommend the National Executive Council to consider Fego Ota Kiniafa to the post of the PNG Ports CEO and Anthony Yauieb for the Treasury secretary.
It is more appropriate to appoint from within the organisation than to recruit from outside to instil business continuity.
I assure you their performances will substantiate or confirm themselves to their respective positions should a bi annual review be conducted as stated by the PM.

@ Mautana

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