Wingti’s reminder


I THANK and commend former Prime Minister Paias Wingti for his great statement in Parliament on Wednesday following resignation Hon Peter O’Neill as PM.
Thank you Wingti for reminding the young leaders in Parliament that they must respect the House, the PM’s position and the each other as leaders at all times.
He took the words out of my mouth to remind the young leaders to have the decorum and leadership clout to act responsibly when dealing with matters so important to our democracy. Well said ‘daddy boss’ as they call him up in WHP and Upper Highlands.
I also commend Wingti for giving credit where credit is due when he commended O’Neill for the massive infrastructure developments and service delivery he started despite the difficult times.
Yes, Wingti is right, one cannot do everything at once and please everybody at once because development does take time and resources to fruition.
I must say Wingti’s very sensible speech made my day and I am a proud Papua New Guinean because I am glad we have leaders like him still around.
I was equally proud of James Marape and Sir Puka Temu for the respective speeches which were forthright, candid and they stood tall.

Proactive Agent