Winner’s name missing

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The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013


A CANDIDATE whose name was not on the common roll has been elected ward councillor in the  Wau-Bulolo urban local level government in Morobe.

Bulolo district administrator Tae Gwambelek said yesterday that Jackson Logie was rejected three times and told not to vote because the presiding officer was unable to find his name on the common roll.

However, after the counting, Logie was declared duly elected ward five councillor.

“PNG Electoral Commission is responsible to determine the right procedures to follow and avoid in future,” Gwambelek said. 

He said only one president, Waka Damond, retained his Watut president seat, and four others lost while Wau Rural LLG was in the elimination process.

He added that Temo Waweweto from Watut beat Jack Sheriff Nawi to claim the mayor’s seat, Sam Saking unseated Steven Sep for Buang and Okam Paton ousted Mathias Philip for Mumeng.

It is reported that Deputy Governor Morokoi Gaiwata was defeated but Gwambelek was unable to reveal the new president elect for Waria LLG.

In Nawaeb district, Charlie Foike retained his Wain-Erap seat but his two counterparts, Jack Kahu (Labuta) and Kopen Waibang (Nabak) lost their seats.

Kahu and Waibang were deposed by two former presidents Paul Itamar and John Esonuc respectively.

In the three Markham districts, Umi-Atzera was in the elimination process, while Wantoat and Onga-Waffa presidents were declared last week.

District administrator John Orebut said after exclusion 22, sitting president Daki Mao led with 3,707 votes, followed by Joe Whitestone on 2,171 votes, George Rifi on 1,952 votes, Francis Marum on 1,855 votes, Godfrey Sonli on 1,737 votes and Elizah Juping on 1,509 votes.

He said Steven Mambon lost to Andrew Gianu for Wantoat while for Onga-Waffa a new councillor was elected but he could not verify the result yesterday.

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