Winner attacked in WSP

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013


ELECTION officials in Vanimo, West Sepik, have sent policemen to the remote Oksampin station, in Telefomin, following reports that a councillor had been attacked at Sumare village.

Provincial election manager Martin Anska said the report of the incident was sketchy due to communication problem.

“However, from the little (information) we gathered through the VHF radio communication, the supporters of rival candidates forced their way into a classroom and attacked the newly-elected councillor who was inside,” Anska said.

“Police will beef up security at Oksampin during the counting and declaration of all wards and president elections. The people share a border with Southern Highlands and are known for their aggressive behaviour.” 

In the Telefomin district, polling in the Namea LLG has been completed, with counting expected to start on Monday. The Telefomin LLG has completed its 26 ward declarations and progressed to counting for the president seat.

In the Nuku district, polling and counting in all four LLGs of Nuku Central, Palai, Yankok and Maimai Wanwan have been completed with declarations of all 84 ward councilors and four LLG presidents.

Election in the Aitape-Lumi district is almost complete, with counting for only the East Aitape president seat remaining. East Wape, West Wape, West Aitape and Aitape Urban have all completed their ward and president elections.

Counting for the Vanimo Town mayor seat has been completed, with Jerry Kina being declared mayor.