Wiru Kue-Pure say thank you

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THE people from Wiru Kue-Pure region of Pangia district, Southern Highlands, acknowledged those who provided financial support during the launch of the Wiru Sports and Cultural Association in Marabini village recently.
Wiru-Youa Sports and Cultural Association spokesman Paul Yakira yesterday thanked Liria Lawyers principal Stanley Liria and Ialibu-Pangia MP and Minister for Treasury and Finance Peter O’Neill for providing cash.
The objective of the association is to promote unity and equality among the people of the Wiru Kue-Pure valley.
He said Liria provided an unspecified amount of money and donated soccer uniforms for the association.
O’Neill also chipped in K170,000 with K5,000 to the 22 soccer clubs while the balance went for administration purposes.
Yakira also thanked the PNG Tourism and Promotion Authority for the K5,000 support and Southern Highlands administrator William Powi for another K2,000 from his own pocket to support sports and cultural activities.
The sports which include soccer and basketball began last month and will end early next month with the finals.
There are 24 basketball teams and 22 soccer clubs participating in the event.
The games will be followed by the Wiru Cultural Show set for Dec 15-18 at Marabini village.