Wise decision to appoint Vegogo as POMGH CEO

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the appointment of Sam Vegogo as the new CEO for Port Moresby General Hospital.
I would like to commend Health Minister Sasa Zibe, his department secretary Dr Clement Malau, POMGH chairman Sir Brian Bell and relevant authorities for appointing Mr Vegogo as the new CEO.
Mr Vegogo is an accountant by profession and has vast experience in administration.
His appointment is appropriate and timely, especially when the hospital is going through administrative problems.
We need people with administrative skills and relevant qualification to manage our hospitals.
In managing any organisation, whether  profit or non-profit, a person has to have administrative qualifications in area of accounting, management, economics, etc, so he or she can perform effectively and efficiently.
I am confident Mr Vegogo can bring our premier general hospital to where it is supposed to be.


Peles Daon
Port Moresby