Wisil spends time with special-need children


PAPUA New Guinea’s sprint queen Toea Wisil spent time with special-need children at the PNG Red Cross Special Education Centre before leaving for the US last week.
Red Cross special education senior teacher Jenny Sike told The National Wisil agreed to talk to the children.
“The students have seen her on televisions, newspapers and magazines and are huge fan of her so I asked if she can give some word of encouragement to motivate them,” Sike said.
Wisil during the training at the Aquatic Centre in Port Moresby made time to see the children with special needs and encourage them to do their best in whatever they are good at.
She said sports had built her and she travelled places and saw new places even though she never attended school.
“It’s the time and commitment I put into training that made me become the athlete I am today. So whatever you are good at, commit your time and focus on it, you will become better at it,” she said.
“I am 32-years-old now heading 33, but I can still run and you can become anything you want to be if you commit your time to it.”
Wisil will train in the US for six weeks before the Olympic game.


  • It was wonderful for someone like Toea Wisil to visit and talk to children with special needs at PNG Red Cross Special Education Centre on her way to the US to prepare for the coming Olympic game. Good on you Toea! Keep motivating children and youngsters.

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