Wisils rule the fast lane

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SPRINT sensation Toea Wisil of Morobe blitzed the field to cross the finish line in the women’s 100m final on Saturday morning, and family rights to the fast track was completed when brother Kupun also crossed at number one, ahead of his field.
Toea, having ran in the shadows of NCD and national teammate Mae Koime over the years, came off the blocks at the gun slightly slower than Koime, but nevertheless gained her ground and stuck out by the 50m mark.
With 20m to go and less than an arm-swing separating both runners, the lighter toed Morobean glided over the rest of the way, to convincingly edge Koime in a time of 11.84.
Koime came in at a dissapointing12.00, whilst Morobe’s Priscilla John finished third with a time of 13.50.
The 100m was Toea’s third gold in the games.
In the men’s, the other Wisil (Kupun) gunned it from start to finish, in a time of 10.82 and about a metre and a half ahead of his field to take number one.
NCD’s Miria Ugu and Terry Kavoi came in at second and third with times of, 11.00 and 11.15s respectively.