This is Gerehu bus stop, in Port Moresby, and how it looks everyday.
Although there is a public ban on betel nut chewing and selling in NCD, people are still doing it and throwing rubbish everywhere.
The question here is where are the designated areas and the bold policies drafted by the NCDC? Do these policies have any impact to the city?
When will change come?
APEC is just around the corner and the city authority is not doing much obout it.
The sellers and chewers are now dominating public areas like shops, markets and bus stops.
Bags of betel nuts are flooding the city like never before. PMVs and private vehicles are hired daily for this purpose and its getting out of hand.
The worst thing is people don’t care about the rubbish. Carelessness has brought the city to a stage where proper strategies must be put in place.