The work to return Boroko, in Port Moresby, to its former glory is a bit iffy right now. Some things seem to be working and some things aren’t working so well.
Up at Boroko Drive near the Maravu Street junction yesterday, NCDC Regulatory Services Enforcement Unit officers were tagging abandoned vehicles that would be removed in five days if the owners did not take them away. And if the owners are known, they will get a bill to cover the removal cost.
That is the good news.
The bad news is that people are still selling and chewing betel nut in Boroko in spite of a ban in place, the business centre is still dirty, and there is still no sign of the rubbish bins promised by Governor Powes Parkop.
On Hagwa Street, a car wreck that had been left there since God knows when is gone, but the main stormwater drain that runs by the street is filthy.
By Hubert Murray Highway opposite Jack Pidik Park, Eyewitness came by a blocked drain that should not take much to clean.

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