Security training for the Apec Leaders’ Summit took a step back on Saturday when a water police jetski was seen drifting not far from the summit venue at Ela Beach, Port Moresby.
Between 1pm and 2pm three jetskis were seen approaching the jetty at Royal Papua Yacht Club in the capital city – two driven by expats and the other by a local police officer.
At the jetty, the expats jumped off, secured their jetskis to the jetty and headed to a waiting police vehicle.
The local police officer, drove up to the jetty, jumped off and got into the vehicle, leaving his jetski bobbing in the water unsecured.
Not long after the police vehicle had left, the wind and current took over and the local police officer’s jetski started drifting towards the rocks at the seaward side of the yacht club marina.
Fortunately, eagle-eyed security guards saw the jetski getting away and called for help – and a piece of equipment that could cost up to K50,000, and which was given free to Papua New Guinea, was saved.

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