The logo on the side of the truck says, “Helping Papua New Guinea to develop its full potential”.
That would mean much more if the truck wasn’t parked on the footpath, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road with traffic speeding in dangerously close from behind.
It is possible that the driver of this vehicle has genuine business in the area but, still, the law is the law. The yellow line means that on this stretch of road, vehicles are neither allowed to stop nor park.
This is Spring Garden Road in Port Moresby. The road has recently been re-developed and now has a spanking new surface and footpaths, all ready for November when the city will host world leaders at the Apec Summit.
But despite the move to make things better for the city, old habits die hard and people still drive their vehicle onto the footpath and park, oblivious to the rules being broken and the pedestrians being forced into harm’s way.

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