This pile of market rubbish has become an eyesore and a bad smell at the foot of a raintree next to Western Bus Stop in Goroka, Eastern Highlands.
As a new Goroka main market is being built, temporary markets were put up at Peace Park and Asariufa, but people opted instead to do their business at the edge of National Day Park.
The result is a pile of rubbish that gets bigger and bigger everyday.
Passengers have to put up with the bad smell while waiting for the bus.

One thought on “WITNESS

  • In PNG we have a “Waste Management Problem” in all our urban towns, cities and even rural communities at large, rubbish are seen everywhere. This pile of rubbish does not come by itself to where it is, but it is a man made issue that has to be addressed at political level to minimize the on going problem we have in our country. It is an indication of who we are. We have problem with our lifestyle in way of doing things and it goes back to our old ways of doing things our communities. If we do things right in our homes and communities then it will reflect in our towns and cities. Our Government of the day must think seriously about waste management who it can minimize it or control it.

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