I CAME across this broken glass on the right side of the newly donated vehicle by Chinese Government during the 2018 Apec.
The vehicle was left behind the Block 5 male student’s dormitory at the Pacific Games Village at UPNG main campus.
Somebody used something to hit the glass on the right side of the vehicle.
I was totally astonished when I saw this public image being damaged by a particular behaved student.
However, it’s not only for this vehicle alone but for the other properties like dormitories, lecture and tutorial rooms in the school where the learning will take effect must be managed or used wisely.
UPNG is a national university and students using the facilities provided must be used properly.
The current students living in the campus must take ownership of the property and don’t treat them like it belongs to the school (UPNG) or State.
You will come and go when your turn comes but remember the ones who will come after you such as your siblings or sons and daughters.
They will be the one to come and use all these properties in the school after you graduate or finished from UPNG.
Let us all be guided by God’s given wisdom and act smart like an intellectual University students and not just like an ordinary street people.
The image shows the broken side of the glass on the right side. It was damaged during the semester one holiday at UPNG games village.

Upi-Wapi, UPNG

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